Carnita Sophisti Dress

Fendi P Styles

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Named after a Queen- Carnita Cenac. This dress embodies Mellow Sophistication. It's exaggerated sleeves with trimmings on the edge(To keep it structured)  instantly makes this LBD(Little Black Dress) a head turner in any space. This dress is fit for YOU to Strut and Slay and bring forth your FULL CONFIDENCE.

This dress is a mix of Rayon and Cotton with a decent amount of Spandex (Stretch). Perfect to some extra Spanx or a dose of added comfort. 

Fendi P Style Tip

  • This LBD Is perfect for many occasions. For Church, The Board Room, Coperate Office, Speaking Engagements, Photoshoots, Dinner with the girls etc!
  • Maximize your closet and turn your LBD into a top by throwing on your favourite flowing maxi skirt. Voila!
  • Want another look for a different occasion. Throw on a black belt to cinch that waist and add more character. 
  • And off course.. SHOES! Black Stilettos off course, Black Pumps or Nude, Perspex or Red if you so desire :)